Club 2026


here it comes again!!

Grant Tenni – March 2015

The Property Cycle is gearing up to be in full swing in Australia within 2-3 years.

A controversial statement?


We believe not.

Just think back to “the recession we had to have” in 1990. Property suffered in Australia, its lowest point being 1992. The share market had already recovered substantially from its crash in 1987, by 1995 residential property was on the way up again, the remaining vacant land was being taken up, interest rates were low, rents were on the increase, it was becoming easier to get a loan.

Do you recognise that is exactly what is already happening in 2015 in the USA? We followed the US lead then, and we are following it again now.

The greatest growth in the last few years has been the recovery in land prices in the USA. Enormous profits have already been made. Many of our clients invested in the USA in 2013. The current prices of vacant land in Atlanta seem to indicate that they made an excellent decision. And the recovery in the US is only just starting.

From 1999 to 2003 we assisted clients with purchasing investment properties in Melbourne. Those who followed the guidelines achieved very good returns. At least a 100% gain on what they paid for their property for everyone who followed the guidelines.

16 years later we are entering the part of the cycle where it is time to invest again. This will be supported hugely by the banks, who are priming themselves to lend huge amounts of money in the near future. Note, the banks always find ways to lend more which equals – make more profits! And the 5 reasons housing affordability is going to improve are yet to occur in a major way!


  • Why are we bullish about the property market?

  • What are the 5 reasons Australian housing is going to become more affordable?

  • Why do we refer to Club 2026?

  • What is the Property Cycle?

  • Why do people say you can’t predict the future when, after you understand the cycle, it is so blindingly obvious what will happen next?

  • How long is the cycle that was first identified in Chicago in 1800?

Click here to learn more about the cycle, it’s length and how it can benefit you.  

At Tenni & Associates Pty Ltd we are going to guide our clients through this next property cycle to help them successfully invest in property over the next 10 years.

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