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Retirees- Your Money, Your Financial Plan. It’s Your Money Ralph! Start Getting Better Advice Today!

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Learn how to Trust Yourself as an Investor, so you don’t have to Trust your Financial Planner, aka Funds Manager Salesman!

Do you want Better Service, Better Returns?

Then you need someone who is an Accountant and a student of the Investment Cycle and who also meets the ASIC Compliance requirements as a financial planner .

You need quarterly updates of what is going on in the economy, not just the easy to download reports available from the Fund Manager that your Advisor passes off as their work. (Which you can also download yourself at the click of a button!) You need someone constantly monitoring your portfolio.

You need someone who educates you to know when it is the right time to be investing in shares and property and when it is the wrong time.

Are you Retired and trying to live off your savings?

Are you disappointed with the lack of returns your Fund Advisor has been providing?

Are you astounded at the level of fees you are being asked to pay? Fees that don’t seem to be justified by the service and returns you aren’t receiving?

We provide Quarterly updates on the economy and the investment sectors of the market as they relate to your portfolio.

We watch out for periods when the market has a dramatic fall and take action to Preserve your money. (Not that hard if you understand the Investment Cycle)

We educate you on managing your own money, knowing when property grows well, knowing when shares perform well, knowing when you should be having the majority of your portfolio in cash and then to also know when to buy back into the market as it has a strong recovery. (Not that hard if you understand the Investment Cycle)

Our aim is – For all of our clients to eventually not need us to manage their money.

Our clients may still choose to use our advice, but they won’t be compelled to do so. Unlike the majority of Financial Planners who

– don’t understand the Investment Cycle,

– therefore they don’t educate their clients on how they could manage their own money,

– and when they retire, or move to a new employer, someone new becomes your Advisor and they don’t know anything more than the previous Advisor.

– When the next major crash occurs none of them will do anything to protect your money from falling dramatically.

We will educate you so that when the next major crash occurs, even if it is after we have retired,   you will know yourself What to do, You will then sleep much better

– as the share market crashes 50% around you,

– as managed property investments become frozen from redemptions,

– knowing you are cashed up,

– waiting to buy back into the bargain prices that are always there after a crash.

We don’t adhere to rubbish statements such as:

Fund Manager – You can’t beat the market

We say – Thousands of people have proven you can

Fund Manager – What goes down will come back up

We say – So is that an argument for staying in something that is losing your money?

Fund Manager – They are the experts, so you should “Trust” them. They leave your money invested and just watch it fall further and further, telling you it will come back up.

We say – A 50% fall requires 100% growth to get back to where it was. Wouldn’t you prefer to avoid losing that much of your money?

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